Opening Edition / Tees, Cuffs, Signed Hand Stamped Prints

Opening Edition / Tees, Cuffs, Signed Hand Stamped Prints


For the opening of the MonkeyLanguage shop, I chose a selection of one of a kind, handmade, collectible works of wearable and visual art.

I've always tried to make all of my artwork interactive and functional, so, to have the designs be worn is especially meaningful to me. 

The symbols and design on the shirts are Talismans. Like Tattoos, they communicate ideas, positive energy and meanings inwardly to the person who is wearing them, and communicate outwardly, to the viewer.

The Paintings for Children, I started painting small sailboats for my children when they were born. These new pieces are a continuation of the children's paintings for you and yours. 

The painted cuffs are a collaboration with Stitchblade Leatherworx, hand stitched and hand painted. There's something about wearing a leather cuff that just feels solid and comforting, like a good pair of boots.

 Thanks for stopping by,

- Michael


Michael Marisi Ornstein is a visual + functional artist and actor (Sons of Anarchy, Mayans, Angels in America). 

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